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7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Prefer Vaping Over Smoking

Smoking is something that millions of people indulge in all over the world and its unhealthiness proves to be detrimental to its users’ health. Enter, vaping. Vaping is actually the inhalation and exhalation of vapor through devices like electronic cigarettes. There is still a continual debate in most countries as to whether vaping should be banned or legalized, but it cannot be denied that vaping has a number of advantages, which make it a much better option than smoking. Here are 7 reasons why vaping is a wiser choice than smoking.

1. Free from bad breath or a bad smell

When you smoke, you will always suffer from the problem of bad breath, in addition to a bad smell. In fact, the stench of tobacco seems to stick not only to your body but also to the clothes you’re wearing and the furniture you’re around.

It can definitely repel other people, especially those who do not smoke.

But vaping is a completely odorless process since it is only vapor. Thus, there will also be no issues of bad breath or bad smells.

2. Lesser number of chemicals

Cigarettes possess a large number of chemicals, probably more than 2,000.

This includes methanol, nicotine, arsenic, benzene, butane, carbon monoxide, and, amongst others, the deadly tar that can lead to several diseases like cancer.

Given this, vaping involves inhalation of a lesser number of chemicals and is, therefore, safer for the human body and consumption. Studies conducted by The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have revealed that it is 95% safer to use e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco.

3. More affordable and wallet-friendly

Cigarette prices have been continually on the rise and, given this trend, vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a cheaper alternative. The cost of vaping can be further decreased if you can make your own coil and e-liquid to use in your vapes.

You can definitely save a lot and use the money for fulfilling other things you desire in life.

4. Comparatively harmless for those around you

By smoking tobacco, you not only put yourself at risk, but also bring about health hazards for your family members and others around you.

In fact, research has shown that passive cigarette smoking results in approximately 600,000 deaths across the globe every year. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes and the process of vaping does not lead to the production of any type of extremely harmful or carcinogenic chemicals.

Hence, there is almost no health risk to the people surrounding you.

5. Varied nicotine strengths

Contrary to cigarettes, vapes come with different choices of nicotine strength, varying from 0 mg to 24 mg. While a non-smoker can go with 0 mg, those with a penchant for a few cigarettes a day can opt for 3 to 6 mg, and so on.

Again, those who are excessively addicted to smoking and cannot stay without two or more packs a day can try out vapors with a 24 mg nicotine content level. Such variations are not possible in the case of cigarettes.

Most people opting for vaping choose the 6 mg nicotine strength that is considerably lower in comparison to cigarettes.

6. A number of varied flavors

Vaping has something or other for all tastebuds since there are a number of different flavors available to its users, such as creamy, tobacco, fruity, and more.

This post by Vape Club International discusses how new trends are coming up in a large number of brands, which is leading to a growing vape culture.

7. An incentive to quit smoking

Interestingly, a large portion of the vaping population was previously cigarette smokers. Many people have tried to keep away from smoking by using nicotine patches, but the success rate was quite poor.

With vaping, a great number of smokers have been successfully able to quit smoking. The varied nicotine strength on the market enables users to slowly bring down their nicotine intake to a level of zero. So, by quitting smoking and opting for vaping, you can indeed lead a better and healthier life.

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